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Comcast’s X1 set-top box gets a YouTube app with voice control

‘YouTube, show me a cat on a treadmill’

This past winter, Comcast announced that its set-top box, Xfinity X1, would be getting an integrated YouTube app later in the year. Today, the app launches for customers in the US, who will be able to control YouTube with the X1’s voice remote.

The voice remote is perhaps the most unique part of X1, and it’s one that Comcast is really pushing. The company notes that users will be able to control YouTube with commands like “Watch Carpool Karaoke on YouTube,” and “YouTube, show me makeup tutorials.”

Certain trending YouTube videos, or ones related to content already offered by the X1, will live in the Xfinity On Demand menu.

The X1 pairs live TV with on-demand content from apps like Netflix. YouTube’s addition to the platform fills a pretty big gap in programming, but Comcast has been slow to adopt major third-party apps like Spotify and Hulu.