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Here's our first look inside Apple's new campus

Apple’s new spaceship campus, named Apple Park, opened to employees back in April, and today it hosts hundreds of reporters as the company unveils its new iPhone X hardware. We’ve seen plenty of renders, press images, and drone footage before, but today we’re getting a closer look at just what Apple Park looks like from the ground. As is typically Apple, there’s a lot of attention to detail at Apple Park, and the company is hosting the media in its Steve Jobs Theater, a 1,000-seat venue that sits outside of Apple Park’s main ring on a hill that overlooks the main campus.

Inside the theater itself there’s a glass elevator that rotates as it descends so the door is always facing the right way, and beautiful views across towards the visitor center and surrounding parklands. Originally envisioned by Steve Jobs, Apple Park includes 2.8 million-square-foot of space, and features the world’s largest panels of curved glass. That glass is on display today, as attendees walk into the theater, and spot the many ceiling mirrors up above.

Apple Park includes one of the world’s largest solar installations, along with 100 percent renewable energy. Inside the visitor’s center, opening later this year, there’s even an augmented reality experience to show off the Apple Park and its design. Apple also has a large retail store at its campus.

Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel calls the Apple Park “stunning,” and notes that “every part of every building is aligned to look perfect in the morning sunlight.” While the buildings are clearly impressive, we’re hoping to see some equally scintillating hardware from within their glass walls. Apple is expected to unveil a new high-end iPhone X, iPhone 8 models, a 4K Apple TV, and an LTE-powered Apple Watch. Stay tuned to The Verge’s Apple live blog for all the latest.

Lauren Goode / The Verge