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Apple quietly increases iPad Pro prices by $50 or more

Apple quietly increases iPad Pro prices by $50 or more


More money for the same device

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iPad Pro 9.7-inch

After a huge flurry of product announcements, Apple has quietly raised prices of its 256GB and 512GB iPad Pro models by $50. The price increases were first spotted by by MacRumors. Launched in June, the 256GB and 512GB 10.5-inch Wi-Fi models were initially priced at $749 and $949 respectively. That’s now jumped up to $799 and $999, so you’re forking out extra money for the same damn thing you would’ve gotten for less just yesterday. For the same 10.5-inch model but featuring cellular capability, the new prices are $929 (up from $879) and $1,129 (up from $1,079) for the 256GB and the 512GB versions respectively.

The case is the same overseas, with increases seen in Europe and Australia. The 256GB Wi-Fi 10.5 inch iPad Pro launched in the UK and Australia at £709 and AU$1,129, and they’re now priced at £769 and $1,199. Pricing for the 64GB models remain the same as when they launched earlier this year. One reason for the price increase could be due to an undersupply of NAND flash memory chips, coupled with a surge in orders for the new higher capacity iPhones.

If you’re wanting to get your hands on an iPad Pro with more storage, now’s probably the time to hunt around for retailers still offering the original pricing.