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How expensive is the most expensive iPhone in other countries?

How expensive is the most expensive iPhone in other countries?


A trip round the world in pricey smartphones

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There’s one big question on everyone’s minds regarding the iPhone X: is it really worth $1,000? Well, be thankful you’re not asking this in Russia, otherwise it would be: is it really worth $1,380?

Thanks to the usual combination of currency valuations, import fees, and local sales taxes, the most expensive iPhone ever will be even more expensive around the world. And, using this ranking from Deutsche Bank of the most expensive countries to buy the iPhone 7, we can find out where. (Although, remember: US prices don’t include state taxes, which add around 5 to 9 percent to the cost.)

Unfortunately, prices for the top two places on Deutsche’s list — Turkey and Brazil — aren’t yet available on their local Apple Stores. However, given that the iPhone 7 with 128GB memory cost $1,200 in Turkey (that’s a 147 percent markup of the original), we can estimate that the iPhone X with 64GB memory will be around $1,468, while the 256GB option coming in at roughly $1,690. If you’re living in Turkey, it’s probably cheaper to book a roundtrip flight to New York and pick up your new phone on your travels.

Other expensive countries selected from the top of Deutsche’s list include:

  • Russia: $1,380 for 64GB, or $1,590 for 256GB
  • Poland: $1,385 for 64GB, or $1,595 for 256GB
  • Italy: $1,416 for 64GB, or $1,620 for 256GB

And, thanks to the falling valuation of the pound, UK Apple fans will have to pay £999 for the 64GB version, or £1,149 for the 256GB model — that’s $1,322 and $1,521, respectively.

So, is there anywhere outside of the US where it isn’t a bad idea to pick up the iPhone X? Well, as per Deutsche’s list, Japan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia are only marginally more expensive. In Japan, for example, you’ll pay only an extra $20 on the base cost of each handset (starting at 112,800 yen for 64GB), and Canada’s not too bad either, adding an additional $80 on the price tag.

Still, if you want to get the iPhone X for as cheap as possible, it’s best to buy it in the US. Of course, “cheap” is a relative term. You still have to ask yourself: is it worth it?

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