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Amazon no longer sells the Fire TV

Amazon no longer sells the Fire TV

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Amazon Fire TV 2

Amazon has stopped selling the Fire TV amid rumors it's planning to introduce new devices. The dedicated landing page for the Fire TV says it's "currently unavailable" with no date of when it might be back in stock. You can still buy a refurbished one, however. The Fire TV is also no longer depicted in the carousel on the Fire TV page. So yeah, we're probably getting a new Fire TV very soon.

AFTVNews leaked an image of two new Fire TV devices this past week. One of the rumored gadgets is a dongle that'll plug into an HDMI port and work like the Fire TV streaming stick. The second, flagship device will feature Alexa built-in. It's a cube. Both new models will reportedly support 4K and HDR content. The square dongle will be less powerful than the current top-of-the line Fire TV with 2GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and a 1.5GHz processor. It might cost between $60 and $80.

The flagship Fire TV will feature the same buttons as an Echo Dot, including a mute button, action button, and volume controls. It'll also include a built-in IR blaster, so it'll be able to control older TVs that don't support the HDMI-CEC standard. It'll likely cost more than $100.

Of course, now that the actual Fire TV listing is down, we have to think Amazon will announce these new gadgets sooner than later.