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The Shape of Water’s new trailer features angry scientists, a sea monster, and love

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It comes out on December 8th


The red band trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water is here, and it gives us a deeper look at what the Cold War-era movie is actually about — at least, kind of.

Sally Hawkins (Godzilla) stars as Elisa, a mute woman who works at some kind of test facility for deranged, secretive government experiments. She feeds eggs to a two-legged sea beast, and they fall in love. Elisa’s friend Zelda (played by Octavia Spencer) helps Elisa smuggle the creature out of the facility, which they appear to do by shoving it in a pile of laundry. (You may remember this technique from the 1982 movie Annie, when Annie escapes the orphanage.)

Michael Shannon stars as a salty higher-up who is not happy to see his captive creature taken from him. He runs around yelling, covered in blood, knocking over glasses of water, and just generally slamming his fists against solid objects.

The Shape of Water comes out on December 8th, 2017.

Correction 1:11PM ET: An earlier version of this story contained the wrong date for the movie release. We regret the error.