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Pre order poll, start your Apple IDs

So we have all thrashed about on the notch, wondered at the Armish facial hair of the X and generally had a good ol nerd piss take on the future of smart phones and perhaps simply wished for something a little more humble. An iPhone 7s, 7s Plus and perhaps simply the iPhone instead of the iPhone X.

So, pre orders are upon us. What did we do?

The poll is unfair, you could potentially be multiple states, there is no "Note 8 forever" option, nor the "I hate" option and I left off the Apple TV - poor little blighter.

<cool story bro>For the record, this is my 2year replacement cycle and I would normally not have blinked but I went Apple Watch (first time for a smartwatch) and will stick with my iPhone 6s cause the 8 and the X aren't a big enough leap ahead.. it will come, maybe 2018 or 19. In the meantime I want to use the Watch as my phone and stop getting lost in the damn iPhone's screen. It will be an experiment of sorts.</cool story bro>

Reticulating poll splines...