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Spotify's new iMessage app lets you share 30-second song previews with friends

Spotify's new iMessage app lets you share 30-second song previews with friends


Let the seamless sharing begin

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If you’re a Spotify user (and an iPhone user), there have probably been countless times you’ve shared a song with a friend through iMessage. The share button is easy and intuitive enough on the Spotify app, but the action can only be done within Spotify, and not the other way around. On the receiving end, once your friend gets the link, they have to leave iMessage, open Spotify, and then listen to the full song. Now, you can share a song on Spotify without ever leaving iMessage, thanks to the quiet launch of Spotify’s new iMessage app, TechCrunch reports.

Unlike Apple Music’s iMessage app, where you can only pick from a selection of songs you’ve recently listened to, Spotify’s app allows users to search for any track within the Spotify catalog, and send a 30-second snippet of it within iMessage. To enable this feature, go into your iMessage and open a conversation, click the App button on the left, and enable Spotify. Once you’ve done that, click on the Spotify icon, and begin to search for the song you want to share. The person on the receiving end of the message then gets a 30-second preview of the song and from there they can then decide if your share is worthy of them tapping out of iMessage and listening to the full song.

If your friend is a Spotify subscriber, they’ll only be able to access the preview by enabling the app in iMessage as well. This feature will definitely come in handy for folks who like to share and listen to music via texting. Because even if you have to leave the iMessage app eventually to access the full song, the 30-second preview should prevent at least a little app whiplash.