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Syfy’s podcast series is being adapted into cool animated short films

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The episodes will appear on TV and online

Image: Syfy

Last week, the Syfy channel unveiled its Origin Stories podcast, a series of 15 episodes featuring interviews between Adam Savage and a number of well-known celebrities within the geek world.

The episodes make for a couple of hours of solid listening, with the various actors, showrunners, and authors talking about their work and how they discovered science fiction. What’s neat about the series is that it’s not just a listening experience. Syfy is also animating some of the anecdotes that come up during the episode.

The channel is spending September celebrating its 25th anniversary, and it’s kicked off the summer with an extensive rebranding effort that aims to turn the channel into an online home for geeks of all stripes, and this podcast and animated adaption is part of that campaign.

We’re premiering the first couple of shorts from Frank Oz, Ron Moore, and Rick Baker, which you can watch below. The rest will begin airing on the Syfy channel tomorrow, and will also appear on