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Amazon is turning its new TV show Lore into an immersive haunted house

Amazon is turning its new TV show Lore into an immersive haunted house


Lore doesn’t come to you; you come to Lore

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Photo: Creep LA

Recent projects like Westworld: The Experience have merged film and television with the world of in-person, immersive experiences, and now Amazon is embracing the concept with an interactive haunted house based on its upcoming new show Lore. Lore: A Haunting Experience will run from October through November in Los Angeles, and will take groups of eight visitors on an hour-long journey inspired by tales of folklore and scenes from the series.

The television show Lore is scheduled for release on Friday, October 13th, and is based upon Aaron Mahnke’s popular podcast of the same name. The podcast focus on real-life tales of terror, usually tied to the notion of folklore. The six-episode Amazon series will follow that same general approach, with each episode serving as its own standalone tale of terror — touching upon everything from demons and creepy dolls, to bizarre medical experiments. That standalone format should provide ample room to explore both for future seasons and in the haunt experience.

Creating the immersive haunted house will be Just Fix It Productions, a company that’s been gaining attention in the Los Angeles immersive scene due its combination of haunted house theatrics and immersive theater techniques. The group’s annual Creep LA show — Lore will serve as this year’s installment — has found a unique middle ground between the relatively staid haunted house parks like Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, and the more extreme, visceral “haunts” that often don’t appeal to mainstream audiences. Earlier this year, the company also produced The Willows, a murder mystery dinner-style event that brought audiences into the mansion of an eccentric family to unravel their dark, insidious secrets.

Haunted house experiences partnering with film and TV properties certainly isn’t new. Popular horror characters and franchises have been part of Universal’s annual show for years, and a haunted house inspired by Stephen King’s It just finished a run in Hollywood. But Lore: A Haunting Experience is notable for what it signifies in terms of momentum. As Westworld and the Blade Runner 2049 Experience at Comic-Con demonstrated, companies are recognizing that immersive experiences are an area of intense interest for fans. With more investment will come more opportunity for audiences to experience this kind of work firsthand, growing the overall market until Disney launches its big immersive Star Wars plans in 2019.

Lore: A Haunting Experience will run in Los Angeles from October 5th through November 12th. Tickets are available now.