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Microsoft opens standard Xbox One X preorders worldwide

Microsoft opens standard Xbox One X preorders worldwide

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Photo by Sam Byford / The Verge

Microsoft today announced worldwide preorder availability for the standard version of its new Xbox One X console. The device, first unveiled back at E3 in June, has only been available up until now as the Project Scorpio special edition, preorders for which promptly sold out when Microsoft began selling them during the Gamescom conference last month. Now, the company says preoreders for the standard black Xbox One X will be available at local retailers around the world, as well as through its own website and the Microsoft Store. The console will retail for $499 in the US with 1TB of storage, and it starts shipping worldwide starting November 7th.

With preorders more widely available now, Microsoft is also taking the opportunity to publicize its growing list of Xbox One “enhanced” games. Because the new console has a faster processor and more memory, it’s capable of running games at up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. Developers can also choose to enhance both new and existing games in a number of other ways, from texture, lighting, and other visual improvements to faster load times.

Using a special logo, Microsoft will denote that a game is using the extra horsepower for one or more of these enhancement options, though it won’t always be super clear what will be changing. Now, there’s a dedicated website,, where you can see the full list of more than 130 confirmed titles, a number Microsoft says should grow rapidly over time.