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The Nest Cam IQ indoor is turning into a little Google Home

The Nest Cam IQ indoor is turning into a little Google Home


Google Assistant coming with a software update

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Nest has announced that later this “winter,” its new indoor security camera — the Nest Cam IQ — will receive a software update that enables the Google Assistant. That means the $299 camera will essentially become a little Google Home, allowing you to ask it almost all the same things you can ask any other instance of the Google Assistant.

The Next Cam IQ comes with microphones and a little speaker, which for a security cam is usually meant for talking to whomever you’ve seen in your living room. But hey, Nest is part of Alphabet, which used to be called Google, and everybody’s friends now. So why not add it, I guess?

There are some limitations to be aware of beyond the fact that the speaker on the Nest Cam IQ isn’t as loud as a smart speaker. First, Nest has decided not to enable music playback from the camera, which makes perfect sense. Second, you can’t actually control the Nest Cam IQ itself via the Google assistant, which makes less sense.

Basically, you won’t be able to tell the camera to turn itself on as you walk out the door, but you will be able to ask it what the weather will be before you go. Nest is quick to point out that its system already has a bunch of options to automate the sorts of things you’d think to ask for out loud, including “Home Away” that figures out when you’re not home based on your geolocation.

One thing you can do (and which we saw demoed some time ago at Google) is ask the Google Assistant to show live video from your Nest Cam IQ on your Chromecast.

As it stands today, Google Assistant support probably isn’t a reason to actively choose to buy a Nest Cam IQ. But it is a good sign that Nest is beginning to take real advantage of its relationship with Google.