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Watch the bloody first trailer for Netflix’s The Punisher

Watch the bloody first trailer for Netflix’s The Punisher


Yes, there’s a stairwell fight

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When The Defenders hit Netflix in August, it came with a short teaser trailer for the next big Netflix/Marvel show: The Punisher. Now, the streaming service has released a full trailer for the new show, showing off Jon Bernthal’s antihero in his full glory.

The trailer shows Castle suiting up as the character with his iconic skull vest as he takes a tough-on-crime approach to New York City’s underworld after discovering a conspiracy. Along the way, he’s pursued by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. He’s not going it alone: he’ll be joined by Microchip, an ally of Castle’s from the comics. The trailer sets up The Punisher with its own distinct tone that’s different from the other Marvel Netflix shows. It wades into government conspiracies and hacking, which is reminiscent of shows like CBS’s Person of Interest or USA’s Mr. Robot, but with more gunfire.

We first met Frank Castle during the second season of Daredevil, when the character tangled with Matt Murdock’s alter-ego as they each worked to get rid of gang activity in Hell’s Kitchen. After that season, Netflix greenlit a dedicated Punisher show.

While we got the character’s origin story in Daredevil, it looks like he’s still going to be dealing with the aftermath of his family’s death, and this still has the look of a Marvel Netflix show: there are even hints of another hallway / staircase fight.

There’s no exact release date just yet, but the show does appear to be coming soon: the trailer elides the release date at the end, but appears to say it’ll launch sometime in 2017.