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Netflix announces new Bojack Horseman season with a goofy, animated text exchange

Oh, so he’s a blue bubble

Bojack Horseman, everyone’s favorite show about depressed, anthropomorphic animals coexisting with aimless, ennui-affected humans, will return for a fifth season. Cool! But even better than Netflix’s formal, PR-type news, is the tweet from the official Bojack Horseman account.

The account, which features “my real thoughts & emotionsbbbbbbbbbbb” from the (fictional) failed actor, shared a peek at the news as it was delivered to Bojack himself. “Clingy netflix exec,” ever the considerate mouthpiece, shares the news via text as to not wake up Bojack with a call.

No word yet on when season 5 will premiere, though now seems like a good time to remind everyone that season 4 started streaming this month. It’s likely the show won’t return until next year, though it might be longer if Bojack doesn’t charge his phone. No one can reach you with a dead battery, my dude.