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New trailers: Marvel’s The Punisher, Wes Anderson’s stop-motion dogs, and more

New trailers: Marvel’s The Punisher, Wes Anderson’s stop-motion dogs, and more

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Tomb Raider photo
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Every time I think of Michel Gondry, I have this picture in my mind of the absolute weirdest stuff from The Science of Sleep and just get immediately turned off. It all seems so ridiculous out of context that I forget how well it can all add up in the actual moment.

Mood Indigo, which came out in the US in 2014, was one I had kind of written off. But I rented it last weekend and remembered just how great Gondry's strange styles and animations and turns of plot can be.

The movie is worth watching just for the stop-motion creatures and wonderful practical effects all throughout the film. But the movie is also surprisingly dark and emotional for something that outwardly looks so romantic and quirky, and that contrast makes the whole thing feel way more impactful. I don't entirely know what the whole adds up to, but I was thoroughly engaged with every frame.

Check out seven trailers from this week below.

Tomb Raider

The reboot of Tomb Raider looks like it's part Bond, part Indiana Jones, and a lot video game. Alicia Vikander is taking over the role of Lara Croft, and while I'm totally down for a treasure hunt / save the world / adventure movie, the action in this one looks like it's going way over the top. It comes out next year on March 16th.

The Punisher

Netflix put out a first trailer for Marvel's The Punisher this week that gets really dark, really fast. There's a lot of shooting and a lot of heavy metal guitar thrashing. Also, the guy who played Desi in Girls in in it, so that's cool. Netflix is having some fun with the release date for this show, and, rather than just saying what it is, seems to be planning to drop it as a surprise one of these weeks. Whenever that is, it'll probably be pretty soon. 

Isle of Dogs

This could not look any more like a Wes Anderson movie. And while my immediate reaction is to groan... I think I kinda like it. I'm not a huge fan of Anderson's earlier movies, but I've really enjoyed his recent ones — and this one looks just as pretty, goofy, and fun, with an equally amazing cast (of voice actors, at least). It comes out March 23rd.

Def Comedy Jam 25

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the premiere of Def Comedy Jam, the HBO standup series that helped catapult many of today's funniest black comedians to stardom, some of the original crew has come back together for an anniversary show with an appropriately incredible lineup. Just check out the trailer. Even though it was an HBO series, the special is coming to Netflix, where it'll premiere on September 26th.

Murder on the Orient Express

I continue to be surprised by how fun Murder on the Orient Express looks. The trailer makes the movie seem tense and dramatic, but also just like a big, acted-out game of Clue, which sounds great to me (maybe just because of how the actual Clue movie turned out). It has a fantastic cast, too. The film comes out November 10th.


Amazon has put out a full trailer for Wonderstruck, its new movie from director Todd Haynes, who was most recently behind the excellent Carol. Wonderstruck looks, maybe to state the obvious here, like it's supposed to put viewers in a persistent state of wonder, but maybe also aimlessness and nostalgia and confusion — just a big ball of emotions like when you were a kid. It's had mostly good reviews so far, and it comes to theaters on October 20th.


Netflix has an incredibly creepy-looking new movie coming out based on — and I'm sure this isn't going to surprise anyone — a Stephen King story. It looks scary in the same kind of way a movie like The Witch is scary: filled with eerie scenes and people who might do something bad at any moment. The movie comes out in time for Halloween, on October 20th.