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Instagram still hasn't finished rolling out its archive feature

Instagram still hasn't finished rolling out its archive feature


I'm actually screaming

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Instagram archive option
Image: Instagram

I feel like I'm going to be the last person on Earth to get Instagram's archive feature. All my friends have been able to hide their old photos for months. Most got the tool way back in June when Instagram announced that the feature would accompany its 10.21 release for iOS and Android. But not me.

Instagram's first tests of the features go back even further; some Verge staffers saw it on their accounts in late May. Archiving lets users choose posts to take off their grid. Instead of deleting them, though, those posts go into a separate, private section of the app that serves as an archive folder. It works similarly to the bookmarking feature: no one can see what you've archived, but you can navigate to the posts through your profile page.

I've had the same Instagram account since college, and I want to archive some of my older posts and then make my account public. I don't have anything crazy on my feed that would incriminate me, but I'd like to get rid of the ridiculously bad old photos I 'gramed and maybe some photos of ex-boyfriends. I want a new homepage, as Nicola Fumo described it for The Verge. It isn't fair that I haven't gotten archiving yet, really, because I was also the only one who was excited to hide my old photos. That's also my luck.

I have some respite now, however, because I discovered I'm not the only person without the feature, as evidenced by these angry, desperate people on Twitter.

I'm one of them, too.

Instagram has yet to respond to my multiple requests for comment (through email), and clearly hasn't said anything to the concerned users above. It's hard to tell whether the app is just buggy or if the company simply hasn't rolled archiving out to everyone, like it said it would.

A similar situation happened with the app's rollout of two-factor authentication. The company announced the security feature in February 2016 but only officially shipped it to all users in March of this year. That's an insanely long time for standard security functionality.

Feeling left out is a bummer, especially when it involves the one feature Instagram has introduced recently that's actually interesting. That's right, keep your live face filters, Insta. Who is excited about that?

I'll update this post if Instagram ever gets back to me, but for now, my archive-less friends, know you aren't alone. I'm here for you and so is a Twitter world filled with angry Instagram users.