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Watch Star Trek: Discovery’s fantastic main title sequence

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The show premieres tonight on CBS and CBS All Access

Ahead of its debut tonight, CBS has released the main title sequence for Star Trek: Discovery. While the show has had a bit of a rocky production, the opening credits are really fantastic.

Discovery’s title sequence start out looking like rough design plans and x-rays, which then blend into planets, starships, gadgets, and eyes, looking as though it fits in the style of True Detective or The Expanse, rather than that of a traditional Star Trek show. It’s a cool, modern take on the opening titles sequence, something that often feels neglected in this day and age of streaming television.

The sequence also comes with a theme song composed by Jeff Russo that calls back to that of the original, familiar theme of the original show. But it has its own distinct feel, even though it isn’t as big a departure as that of Enterprise from 2001.

Star Trek: Discovery debuts on CBS and CBS All Access September 24.