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Uber is well on its way to gathering 1 million signatures in London petition

Uber is well on its way to gathering 1 million signatures in London petition


The petition calls for the reversal of Uber’s ban in London

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After losing its license to operate in London Friday, Uber has already received over 700,000 signatures on a petition it launched to save the service. The petition asks TfL to reverse its decision, and is being aggressively promoted whenever the app is used in The City. London’s transport authority, Transport for London (TfL), said it would not renew Uber’s license to operate in the city when it expires at the end of the month claiming Uber’s approach and conduct have “potential public safety and security implications.”

Uber says 3.5 million Londoners rely on its ride-sharing service, and that the ban restricts consumer choice. “If this decision stands, it will put more than 40,000 licensed drivers out of work and deprive millions of Londoners of a convenient and affordable form of transport,” the petition reads.

At the time of publication, nearly 750,000 people had signed the petition, with a goal to reach 1 million before it’s is handed over to London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Khan has already responded to the Change petition, posting on the campaign page that Uber has let down its customers and drivers. “As Mayor of London I welcome innovative new companies that help Londoners by providing a better and more affordable service – but providing an innovative service is not an excuse for not following the rules,” he wrote. 

Uber’s current license to operate won’t expire until the end of the month, and the company can still operate until all appeals to TfL’s decision have been exhausted.