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Snapchat's newest feature lets you fake sunsets for Instagram

Snapchat is rolling out a new feature on iOS and Android today that will transform your boring sky shots into pictures worthy of other social media platforms. TechCrunch reports that these “sky filters” will use augmented reality to add sunsets, starry skies, rainbows, and more to users’ pictures.

The new filter is yet another step into AR from Snapchat. Earlier this year, users got access to its world lenses feature, which allows anyone to add features like a cloud or overly happy rainbow to their snaps. At the very least, the sky filters will be far less terrifying than the platform’s addition of animated, 3D bitmoji, but I am doubtful that they can top the Snapchat hot dog.

The filters will activate as an option when users point their cameras as the sky, letting users swipe through for their preferred effect. Snapchat is expected to rotate these effects for all your pretty sky needs.