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Microsoft’s LTE Surface Pro expected to launch on December 1st

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Microsoft Surface Pro
Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Microsoft announced the Surface Pro with LTE support earlier this year, and it’s now expected to make the device available in December. Neowin reports that Microsoft revealed a launch date of December 1st for the LTE version of the Surface Pro during an Ignite session yesterday. The launch date lines up with a scheduled appearance for Surface chief Panos Panay at Microsoft’s annual Future Decoded event in London next month. Panay is expected to officially unveil the LTE Surface Pro at the event.

The Verge reached out to Microsoft to confirm the December 1st availability date, but the company refused to confirm the rumored date. During the Ignite session, Tim Golik, a Surface Pro program manager, reveals that the LTE chip inside the Surface Pro (a Snapdragon X16 modem) will work in any country in the world. That means you can buy a Surface Pro with LTE in any country and expect to use data across the world.

Golik also refused to answer questions about a new Surface Book, simply asking the audience to wait and see. Microsoft is expected to refresh its Surface Book this fall, but ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reported recently that the devices might not ship until early next year.

Update, 5:15PM ET: Article updated to clarify rumored launch date comment.