Who else is waiting on that Pixel announcement?


It should do most of what I look for in a phone:

  1. Great camera
  2. Lift-to-wake functionality
  3. Android OS
  4. ~5" screen
  5. Solid DAC for good audio streaming

This seems like such a simple recipe but no one else can hit the mark apparently. The Moto X's use to before manufacturers decided we all wanted giant screens instead of lives. In Fact, I'm using the Moto E4 right now in the short term and it does great except for the camera and DAC.

In fact, if they'll drop the price on the old Pixel, maybe I'll go that route since it checks all these boxes just fine.

Post-Announcement follow-up:

Well, crap. They got rid of the headphone jack, so that's a feature removal. They didn't add wireless charging, or any other tangible feature in my opinion, so I guess there's no reason not to buy the previous model.