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Amazon’s Echo Show is coming to the UK and Germany

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Amazon Echo Show
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Amazon is launching its Echo Show device in the UK and Germany soon. The online retail giant is opening up preorders for the Echo Show today, priced at £199.99 in the UK and €219.99 in Germany. Originally launched in the US, the Echo Show has all the same features as a regular Echo but with a 7-inch display attached.

The touchscreen display is designed to allow Alexa to show much more content to you, like tutorial videos or recipes. While the Echo Show launched with YouTube support, Google blocked access to YouTube on Amazon’s device earlier this week. Amazon didn’t address that major drawback today at its event in Seattle, but features like Amazon Music with lyrics and video calling will still be available. You’ll also get fullscreen cards for answers to queries, including things like sports results and weather information.

Amazon is expanding its calling and messaging features to the UK and Germany just in time for the Echo Show. Amazon hasn’t set a firm release date on the Echo Show for the UK or Germany, but the company is taking preorders today and promising to deliver devices later this year.