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Up close with the adorably tiny Echo Spot

Up close with the adorably tiny Echo Spot

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Of the many new Echo devices announced by Amazon today, the Echo Spot is one that’ll likely be a hit this holiday season. The device is basically a smaller version of the Echo Show, Amazon’s first Echo device with a touchscreen. It includes a 2.5-inch screen that allows it to double as an alarm clock or a nursery camera, all while still being able to make video calls through the mini screen.

Amazon is hoping customers will buy multiple Spots and scatter them around the house. Things you can do with your Spot include getting the weather, watching video news, setting alarms, or viewing your children through a connected smart camera. It can also control other elements of a smart home, such as connected lights or thermostats.

The Spot includes a built-in speaker, but it can connect to external speakers through Bluetooth or a 3.5mm stereo cable. Like the other Echo devices, it can be controlled via voice to play music from Amazon, Pandora, and Spotify, among other services. From our brief demo with the device, the screen is nice and responsive, with sharp images and bright colors. There’s a cute chirping sound when you adjust the volume with the buttons up top.

Amazon also suggested that customers could put the device in their kitchens, where they could set timers and add items to their shopping list. Or you could put on one your desk and make calls.

You can preorder the Echo Spot today for $129, with an expected ship date to US customers sometime in December. That prices the Echo Spot at just a little more than the new $99 Echo speaker, but much less than the $229 Echo Show. The Spot is expected to come to the United Kingdom and Germany early next year.