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Spotify’s latest personalized playlist is full of your favorite throwback hits

Time Capsule

Photo: Spotify

Spotify is back with another personalized playlist, and this time it’ll take you back to your favorite musical period. The new playlist, called Your Time Capsule, is a collection of 30 throwback jams personalized to your tastes.

For me, that means Lauryn Hill, OutKast, Jagged Edge, and early T.I. — everything I need to take me back to the late ‘90s, early ‘00s. The algorithm has been very accurate for me so far, with no misses yet.


Time Capsule also makes use of Spotify’s updated “now playing” design, which has been used in key playlists like RapCavair and Today’s Top Hits, among others. These are the things that make it hard to leave Spotify. As someone who uses multiple streaming services, I always end up eventually coming back to Spotify because of the personalization features that Apple Music and others just can’t match yet.

Spotify says Your Time Capsule is available for all Spotify users above 16 in most countries. 2017 has been a bad year by any metric, but thankfully Spotify is here to take our minds off it with jams from better times.

Update September 28th, 8:00 AM ET: Updated with additional info from Spotify.