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iPhone 8 vs. Note 8 speed test


Well, PhoneBuff finally got around to doing the most anticipated speed test in 2017 - the iPhone 8 vs. the Galaxy Note 8. I've heard a lot of things about the A11 chip and how the iPhone 8 was supposed to be the fastest phone in the world, but results speak for themselves. A Snapdragon 835 with a nearly 1 year old CPU/GPU has easily beaten the brand new iPhone 8 with the A11. I'll also say that if the Note 8 could beat the iPhone 8, the OnePlus 5 should have no trouble either. It looks like the iPhone X is the only phone remaining that can claim the title of worlds fastest phone from Android. But, what really has me worried is the Snapdragon 845 due out in Q1 of 2018. If the Snapdragon 835 can do this much damage just think of what the Snapdragon 845 will do.

PhoneBuff Speed Test