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Apple Music now has over 30 million subscribers

Apple Music now has over 30 million subscribers

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Apple Music has surpassed 30 million subscribers, according to Billboard. The streaming service has picked up 10 million subscribers since December, and 3 million since WWDC back in June.

Apple Music has managed to nearly keep pace with Spotify’s growth rate, racking up an average of 15 million subscribers per year, compared to 20 million for Spotify over the past two years. It’ll be tough for Apple to catch up with Spotify at this rate, but it seems like Jimmy Iovine realizes this.

“Just because we’re adding millions of subscribers and the old catalog numbers are going up, that’s not the trick. That’s just not going to hold,” Iovine told Billboard about the music industry. The company is now attempting to use the service to build closer relationships between artists and their fans using exclusive content like documentaries, interviews, and better advertising.

Whether that’s enough to close the gap is still unclear, but Apple Music isn’t relying on its brand alone in its attempt to catch Spotify.