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Katy Perry is releasing a YouTube Red documentary about her YouTube live stream

Katy Perry is releasing a YouTube Red documentary about her YouTube live stream


How much promotion can we wring from this album?

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Katy Perry is releasing a full-length special on YouTube Red about the time she live-streamed her life on YouTube for four days this summer. The documentary, Will You Be My Witness?, will premiere on YouTube’s subscription service on October 4th, Billboard reports.

Will You Be My Witness? is apparently going to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the June live stream event, during which Perry talked to fans, performed songs from her most recent album, Witness, and talked to celebrity friends like RuPaul and Mario Lopez. It’s not clear how a documentary about those four days is going to add much more to the story, seeing as the live stream itself was already supposed to be — as Katy puts it in the trailer — “uncharted territory.”

Why make a behind-the-scenes special about an event that was already meant to be as behind-the-scenes as you can get? In June, Perry let fans watch her sleep, brush her teeth, and eat food. The documentary looks like it’ll mostly feature construction work and conversations with her production team, instead.

But leave it to Katy Perry and YouTube to find another mutually beneficial promotional opportunity. YouTube has struggled to convince people to pay for its streaming service, even after merging YouTube Red and Google Play Music this summer. Witness was also one of Perry’s less successful efforts, despite the streaming stunt. Although the LP still debuted at No. 1, it sold around 100,000 fewer copies than her 2013 album Prism did in its first week. Witness’s singles were also flops: “Chained to the Rhythm” and “Bon Appétit” dove quickly on the charts after their release.

I’m not sure what the Venn Diagram of YouTube Red subscribers and Katy Perry fans looks like now, but YouTube and Perry are banking on the crossover getting even bigger.