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Serene adventure game Flower just got a surprise release on iPhone

With its next release, renowned game studio Thatgamecompany is expanding to new platforms by debuting Sky on Apple hardware. And to help drum up some excitement, the developer is releasing one its most beloved games, Flower, on both iPhone and iPad today.

First released on the PlayStation 3 in 2009, Flower is a game where you play as the wind, guiding flower petals through painterly landscapes, solving environmental puzzles along the way. The original version utilized the PS3 controller’s motion sensors for guiding the wind, whereas the new version takes advantage of the iPhone’s touchscreen to similar effect. Even close to a decade later the game remains distinct, with a rare kind of quiet elegance. Flower was the studio’s second release, followed by the iconic adventure game Journey in 2012.

You can check out the game for $4.99 on iPhone and iPad now. Sky, meanwhile, is launching this fall on iOS and Apple TV, and will be coming to other platforms later on.