Netflix: The Expanse S2


The Good

  • Continued to be interested in where the story was going
  • Appreciated the explanation of their drive tech, even though it was razor thin on details
  • Like the thought given to the "racial put downs" and views of each group, earth, mars, belt
  • Really, really liked the next to end scene with the exploded view
The Bad

  • A small torpedo can navigate half the solar system, okay...
  • Really found it a bit far fetched that one small ship could outgun a whole navy
  • So where did the giant church go after all that, just gone?
  • Where does that flight juice go, no one seems marked up by it

The Ugly

  • Some serious eye roll moments with Jim Holden and the overly "Captain" carry on of his colleagues
  • That guy from Spartacus, he plays ugly personalities so well
  • I don't know who started it, but since GoT did, does every show have to use teleport speed
  • Hair cuts, the future is a bad place for them