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    Tim Cook tweeted his support for Apple’s Dreamer employees

    Tim Cook tweeted his support for Apple’s Dreamer employees


    Apple employs 250 such individuals

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    In a Tweet this morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook reaffirmed his support for Dreamers —  children of undocumented immigrants who have spent much of their lives in the United States, saying that Apple presently employs 250 such individuals.

    Cook wrote that he stands with his employees, and that they “deserve our respect as equals,” and that any solution to the problems concerning immigration reform should be aligned with “American values.”

    After reports surfaced that the Trump administration was considering bringing the Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to an end, around 300 tech leaders signed a letter earlier this week urging the President to uphold it. The program allows some Dreamers who have registered with the Federal government to remain in the country. Cook was one of the signatories on that letter.

    The Trump administration has indicated that it is finalizing its decision on the fate of the program, and that an announcement will likely come on Tuesday.