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Google is trying to poach Microsoft Azure partners by sending them free Chromebooks

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Chromebook 14

Google is trying to attract Microsoft Azure customers over to its Cloud service in an unusual way: by sending free Chromebooks to Azure customers as part of its pitch to convince them to switch over to Google Cloud, as reported by Petri.

Cleverly, the Chromebook is actually part of Google’s approach. The laptop is intended to be used for a Google Hangout, with a Google Cloud representative pitching Azure users on the advantages of Google’s platform.

Photo: Petri

Along with the Chromebook, Google’s package also seems to include testimonials from companies like Spotify and Evernote to further sell Azure customers on Google’s services. It’s probably unlikely, however, that a $200 laptop will really tip the scales when it comes to Google trying to convince multimillion-dollar enterprise customers to switch.