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Google begins rolling out HDR YouTube support for smartphones

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Available on the Galaxy S8, Note 8, Pixel, LG V30, and Xperia XZ Premium

Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Google is starting to roll out support for HDR videos in the mobile YouTube app. The Verge has been able to confirm that the update is live and offers support for HDR playback at up to 1080p resolution and 60 fps when manually changing video quality. The software update seems to have quietly rolled out yesterday, according to reports on Reddit and SamMobile, which first spotted the update.

YouTube added support for HDR video back in November 2016, but until now the company hasn’t rolled it out to any of the various smartphones that offer HDR screens. HDR support is available on the Galaxy S8, Note 8, Pixel, LG V30, and Xperia XZ Premium, and it’s easy to imagine that Google will continue to build out support for the higher-quality video format on other devices in the near future.

Update September 8th, 12:45pm: Google is rolling out HDR support for the Pixel, LG V30, and Sony Xperia XZ Premium, in addition to the Galaxy S8 and Note 8. This post has been updated accordingly.