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Boost Mobile now includes taxes and fees in its plans just like T-Mobile

Boost Mobile now includes taxes and fees in its plans just like T-Mobile

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Boost Mobile announced this morning that all of its service plan prices now include taxes and fees built in. It’s a small change, but it’s one that helps to simplify billing in an industry that people are used to getting overcharged by and hit with surprise fees. So, it should provide some comfort to the carrier’s customers.

The move comes following a similar announcement from T-Mobile at the beginning of the year, when it announced that taxes and fees would be built into its newest service plans. That practice still hasn’t spread to the other big carriers, but its expansion to Boost could mean Sprint is testing the waters. Sprint owns Boost Mobile, and given that Sprint is the more direct competitor to T-Mobile, it’d make enough sense to see Sprint pick up the practice if it helps win over customers.

Then again, maybe it’ll take a while for Sprint to bring this practice over from its prepaid carrier: in an email to The Verge, T-Mobile pointed out that its prepaid subsidiary MetroPCS has been bundling in taxes and fees since 2010 (though it wasn’t owned by T-Mobile at the time). So this isn’t a new practice for prepaid carriers, but Boost Mobile’s change is at least a sign that it’s spreading.