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Firmware leak points to LTE connectivity in the next Apple Watch

Firmware leak points to LTE connectivity in the next Apple Watch


It looks like it will share a phone number with your iPhone

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Apple Watch on arm

There has been a series of revelations about the next iPhone that Apple is expected to unveil next week, and a new leak of iOS 11’s Golden Master helps confirm some rumors that the next iteration of the Apple Watch will have LTE connectivity.

The revelation doesn’t come as a huge surprise: there’s been reports that the wearable will come with built-in LTE this year. It’s also rumored that Apple will release two versions: one with LTE and one without. If true, the LTE-enabled device wouldn’t need to be tethered to and be in close proximity to one’s iPhone in order to make calls.

Image: 9to5Mac

9to5Mac went digging through the leaked firmware code and uncovered an image of the upcoming iteration of the Apple Watch, which revealed some details that point to LTE connectivity: cellular indicators on the screen. The site also came away with some additional details: the device will share a phone number with one’s iPhone. The site also found references to special promotions from carriers, even suggesting that some might offer promotions that include free service for limited periods of time.

There’s also a red crown that looks a bit different from earlier versions. The site also points out that the device looks pretty similar to the older versions, and that users will be able to use their existing watch bands if they decide to upgrade. We’ll find out on Tuesday.