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Silicon Valley gets the first trailer for its fifth season

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The HBO comedy returns on March 25th

Silicon Valley, HBO’s comedy series about startup culture, has just received a new trailer for the show’s upcoming fifth season. The clip features Richard (Thomas Middleditch), the (mostly) lovable and bumbling founder of Pied Piper, giving his best rousing company speech: a series of stutters followed by nervous barfing. Been there, buddy.

Little has been released about the new season so far, though judging by the rest of the trailer, it will feature the combination of tech exec drama, goofball gags, and hoodies that audiences have come to expect from the series. Someone who won’t be back this season, however, is cast member T.J. Miller, who left the show last May. Given what has become an ongoing pattern of offensive behavior on the part of the comedian — as well as recent sexual assault allegations — that’s probably a good thing.

The fifth season of Silicon Valley premieres on March 25th.