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Pikachu is a gun-shooting detective now, and his game is coming to the US

Good god, that thing is huge

The action adventure game Detective Pikachu is heading worldwide with a launch on the Nintendo 3DS March 23rd, The Pokémon Company announced today. As its title suggests, it features an oddly talkative Pikachu who also happens to be a detective. This coffee-slurping, gun-shooting version of Pikachu is helping a boy named Tim find his father.

The sleuthing Pikachu is also getting his own amiibo that will trigger in-game hints. Notably, Detective Pikachu is nearly double the size of your average amiibo ‘chu.

Coffee does weird things to pokémon.

The Pokémon Company initially released the game in Japan in 2016. A live-action version adaptation is currently in the works, with Ryan Reynolds attached as the voice of Detective Pikachu. (He won’t be lending his talents to the game, however.) Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman is handling screenwriting, while Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch will co-write.