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James Damore’s lawsuit partner says Google is dominated by a racist, man-hating ‘hate group’

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David Gudeman, one of two ex-Google engineers suing the company for alleged discrimination against conservative white men, says the company is dominated by a “hate group” illegally promoting “racism and misandry.” Gudeman and his co-plaintiff James Damore filed the lawsuit earlier this week, but he expanded on his motivations in a blog post, illuminating the reasoning behind the suit.

“I don’t hate Google, and I certainly don’t hate the people who work there,” writes Gudeman. “I wouldn’t want this suit to give people a bad opinion of Googlers, but, honestly, they brought this on themselves for tolerating the hatred, racism, and misandry of a small but vocal and organized subgroup who want to use Google as a vehicle of social change rather than as a vehicle of delivering excellent service and products to their customers.”

According to the lawsuit, Gudeman was fired after questioning a Muslim co-worker’s claims of being targeted by the FBI over his religion. Gudeman asked why his co-worker didn’t file a civil rights suit if his claims were true, and then asked whether the FBI might have “found something interesting” about the co-worker’s recent trip to Pakistan. In Gudeman’s words, he was “simply [questioning] the logic behind a coworker’s story of victimization on the basis of his race and religion,” but he alleges that Google said he had accused his co-worker of terrorism.

Gudeman writes in his blog post that he was attacked for “standing up for kindness, tolerance, and just getting along despite differences,” and that other employees failed to defend him because “everyone is afraid of the hate group that dominates the discussion at Google.”

The lawsuit references “hateful rhetoric” against conservatives at Google. But Gudeman’s post offers a more extreme take on the situation, by not just saying that Google allows discrimination against conservative white men, but that a minority hate group actually controls the company culture. And it makes clear that Gudeman believes others are chafing under this control, saying that many in Silicon Valley will “secretly welcome this lawsuit.” The lawsuit itself isn’t trying to prove there’s a hate group, of course — only that Google broadly allowed harassment against white men and penalized Gudeman and Damore for their political beliefs. That’s still a fairly bold claim.