Android Police examines Apple-Samsung duopoly


This is a pretty interesting article about how Apple and Samsung’s uncontested dominance in the US is pushing other Android OEMs out of the North American market. I’ve been noticing how we’re getting fewer and fewer options in the smartphone market each year but it never occurred to me to realize that it’s to Samsung’s benefit.

AP posits Google as the possible underdog hero in this situation, but I’m not seeing how they can pose a credible threat to Samsung at this point. Google has dragged its feet for so long when it comes to advertising and making their phones readily available for purchase that they pretty much missed the boat on establishing themselves as a major player in the smartphone market. Their customer service is also notoriously inconsistent, among other things. Samsung and Apple has Google beat on both fronts and people don’t like to leave what feels safe and comfortable to explore uncharted territory.

Still, it’s pretty worrying that we could soon be left with only two OEMs making our phones, each being the sole representative of the two major mobile platforms. This is really bad for so many reasons. Not just for the fact that consumers will end up being at the mercy of their OEM/platform of choice, but it would suck for the advancement of mobile technology. We’re already at the point where phones are being unnecessarily stripped of crucial features and mobile OSes are made needlessly complex and we have no choice but to put up with it because we’re running out of options. Smartphones aren’t exciting anymore, and the lack of competitors is why. Question is, how do we reverse course?