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The 2019 Mercedes E-class gets the electric boost it needs

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New 53-series designation with more voltage under the hood


The G-Wagen may be the showstopper for Mercedes-Benz at the NAIAS, but we’re also interested in the batteries powering new 53-Series AMG E-Class.

These 53-series models of the CLS, the E-Class Coupe, and the E-Class Cabriolet are now certified autobahn burners, with a brand new, electrified 3.0-liter engine featuring an exhaust gas turbocharger and an electric auxiliary compressor. The E-Class, the company’s middle-of-the-road line of cars that slot between the entry-level luxury C-Class and the flagship S-Class, is the latest in Mercedes’ lineup to get the new electrified EQ boost powertrain with an added 21 horsepower output.

To be sure, the E-Class isn’t going full-electric, or even hybrid. (The Stuttgart-based company has said it will spend $1 billion to electrify its entire lineup by 2022.) But it is getting a 48-volt battery to help it do a bunch of cool stuff, like allow the cars to shut down its engine when stopped or coasting down to save fuel and recapture wasted energy via regenerative braking.

Mercedes is also bringing over its Intelligent Drive advanced driver assist tech from the S-Class to the new AMG CLS 53. This includes Attention Assist, which can detect whether the driver starts to nod off, and Pre-Safe, which detects pedestrians crossing in front of the vehicle. More advanced options, like active steering, active braking, and active parking, are also available — and will cost extra.

Not included is Mercedes’ new, highly advanced (and pretty great) voice assistant, MBUX. The feature was also absent from the new G-Class introduced this week. The company has said it will launch this spring in the A-Class hatchback in Europe and the next-generation CLA and GLA models in North America.