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Sexual Harassment, #MeToo and the future.


So, I don't need to tell any of you that there's been an extremely heighten awareness of sexual harassment; especially in Hollywood.

One that's long overdue.

Yet, something was bothering me, and the latest claim against Aziz really brings up an issue:

I then read this article:


I want to be completely honest. All the accounts in the #MeToo movement aren't the same. And this particular story against Aziz is a bit of a tipping point that I'm afraid may begin to hurt the entire movement.

It seems as though we have people jumping on the symbolic bandwagon.

While people should be fully held responsible for their foul, assualting actions; but what about inaction?

During the Weinstein saga, like many, I was dumbfounded. How could so many women have been lead into these situations.

Yet, as I researched a bit more, it turns out that many women, now famous from their associations with Weinstein, knew full well that other young aspiring actresses were walking into the same trap.

And I think that disgusted me just as much.

Why would you allow other women to be subjected to the same foul treatment? Certainly you would mention to your neighbors and friends if you knew a pedophile were lurking nearby! This is just as terrible.

Turns out, some women in Hollywood had indeed voiced their experiences, but were mostly ignored. Yet, the important part was that they had voiced it in the public! Some put out a warning.

Again, I want to be clear: This in no way brushes aside the actions of men who misuse their celebrity or power to gain what they want.

But I can shake the feeling that standing there and taking strange. And bordering on stupid.

There are plenty of women around the world who simply wouldn't stand around for this behaviour. My sister's, wife and numerous female friends are equally stunned by these situations.

Going to meet strange men alone at night, standing around while men masterbate in front of them...

Why? Is your potential career more important than your dignity or respect?

I don't believe any men is these forums would absolve another man of this behaviour. But those of you with daughters; certainly you've trained your girls that this is unacceptable and they should immediately leave, run or flee if they encounter unwanted sexual advances.

My daughter is 4yrs old and my wife and I have already discussed, and continue to discuss with her that no one should touch her in certain places. What decent parent hasn't?

Yet, what is happening when people grow older? Some obviously retain these lessons. Others seem to be ignoring it.

I've always believed that when a situation is in your control, you need to take responsibility for what follows. Because in life there are going to be many instances where you don't have control.

I may be rambling in some of this post. Maybe some of my thoughts aren't being clearly communicated.

But I want to hear the thoughts of others in this community. There are a variety of people here that differ from maybe those in my immediate circle.

How do some of you feel about the entirety of the recent flood of accusations? Do you feel all are legimate? Are some just jumping on the bandwagon?

Also, do you feel that all the accusations leveled at those in power will remedy the situation? Could it backfire?

Please....please keep this civil. I really want us to have a decent discussions that respects others opinions. (Unless that opinion suggests that sexual harassment is okay. If so, you're a piece of crap and don't bother commenting.)