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Getting a new iPhone and have to pick which ecosystem I install on it. Is MS still viable?


I am about to set up my new phone. I will be picking my contacts syncing, file management (Onedrive vs Google Drive), calendar (ios calendar app with vs Google Calendar app), and email ( ios email app with account vs Gmail app). I have a Google account and an account ready to go. I just need to decide which to use. Obviously whichever I choose will then be the world I am living in on desktop and mobile.

I have never been overly comfortable with Google getting all of my data and just assumed MS and would be the way to go. But, to be honest, it seems like Google does a better job with its services. I have heard horror stories about contact syncing with and iphone, as well as less than stellar reviews about Onedrive. Not to mention, it seems like Microsoft maybe doesn't have an interest in updating these consumer side services as much as Google.

So, any advice from the MS side? Are their consumer services worth investing into when using an iPhone? Or is it time to just deal with the fact that Google is going to suck my data no matter what I do? Also consider I will probably be using Google Photos either way because I don't see any other photo options that are as solid as that.