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Uber will require UK drivers to take long breaks after 10-hour shifts

Uber will require UK drivers to take long breaks after 10-hour shifts


Drivers will need to pause on pickups for at least six hours

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Uber And Lyft Drivers In Boston
Photo by Lane Turner/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

A new Uber policy will mandate that drivers in the UK take at least a six-hour break after working a continuous shift of 10 hours, according to Reuters and Bloomberg. The limit on the amount of time that drivers can spend picking up and dropping off passengers will go into effect beginning next week. And these aren’t just friendly prompts to consider a breather; drivers will be unable to log into the app and accept rides during rest periods.

“While drivers only spend an average of 30 hours a week logged into our app, we want to do our part to ensure they don’t drive tired,” Uber’s UK head of policy Andrew Byrne said. “That’s why we’ve been sending drivers regular reminders to take rest breaks and why we’re now bringing in these new limits,” he added.

Uber is implementing the new rule to reduce tiredness and exhaustion in its workers on the roads. Public safety was one of the underlying concerns that led London to strip Uber of its operating license. That decision is being appealed and could have a massive impact on Uber’s business in Europe if it’s upheld and continues on. The ride-hailing company already enforces similar mandatory shift breaks in other markets where it operates.