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Berlin’s transport authority and Adidas release a pair of sneakers that doubles as a train pass

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It’s sold out, though

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The ticket on the shoe’s tongue
Photo: Overkill

Adidas and Berlin’s transport authority have released a specially designed pair of sneakers that doubles as a train pass. Yesterday, hundreds of eager sneaker and transport fans camped overnight in an effort to score a pair, according to several reports. They sold out the same day.

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) collaborated with Adidas to release 500 pairs of the limited-edition sneakers that cost €180 (about $220). It’s a bargain considering the cheapest annual train pass from BVG costs €728 ($890), which means you save hundreds of dollars while snapping up new shoes. BVG says the train ticket lasts from January 16th to December 31st, 2018.

The EQT Support 93/Berlin shoes feature accents with the same vivd camouflage-type print seen on Berlin’s tram seats, a black mesh surface with white stripes, and thick yellow and black laces. There aren’t any ticket turnstiles on the Berlin subway. Instead, ticket inspectors do random checks on trains, so if you’re wearing these shoes, you would just presumably show them the ticket on the shoe’s tongue. There’s no sophisticated tech involved; the ticket is a fabric version sewn into the tongue of the sneaker.

And as expected with covetable things, some pairs of the sneakers have already popped up on eBay for over £1,000 (about €1,130 or $1,380 USD).