Where do you put your UPS down?

I have two UPS units sitting on my desk behind my monitor. One is for the laptop (don’t really need it) and monitor and the other is for the cable modem, router, printer and phone.

There are all these office set up videos where all the cables are neatly stashed out of sight but they never show a UPS. I can’t believe these content creators who use their rigs to edit, convert and upload their videos aren’t on battery backup. But you never see a giant brick anywhere. MKBHD probably had a giant UPS installed into the electrical wiring, so he’s set.

What do you guys do with it? Is it just on the floor under your desk gathering dust out of sight, out of mind? They seem too heavy to try and mount it under the desk somehow. I read it’s not a good idea to plug a power strip into one of the battery powered outlets of the UPS, so it’s not like you can hide the UPS on the floor under the table and mount the strip under the desk.