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Instagram is testing a new text-only option in Stories

Instagram is testing a new text-only option in Stories


It’s called ‘Type’

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Instagram is testing a new “Type” feature within Stories for users to share text-based messages as an alternative to photos or video, as reported by The Next Web. Though this was originally spotted last December among users in Japan, it’s now appearing for select groups in Europe, as well.

The feature appears as a separate option at the bottom of the screen when within Stories, alongside the other usual options like Boomerang and Live. Once Type is selected, you can write and choose different options for the background and font.

The feature is not very different from what can already be done in Instagram. In order to achieve the same thing now, just snap a pic, click on the pen tool at the top, select a color, and then press and hold on the screen to create a blank surface to write on. Additionally, in the new implementation, it appears the default background is a bright ombré, giving it the flair of Facebook statuses with colorful backdrops. Mashable says users will also have the option of using a photo for the background. Creating a shortcut to share text-based content within Stories is a useful tool that caters to something people already do on the platform, just with an extra step or two. It’s unclear if Instagram will be rolling Type out in a more widespread manner.

WABetaInfo has a more extensive report on Type, which also divulges another feature Instagram is testing: screenshot notifications. According to the report, some users are seeing a new alert pop up after taking a screenshot that says, “The next time you take a screenshot of a story, the person who posted it will be notified.”