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DJI might unveil Mavic Air at drone event next Tuesday

DJI might unveil Mavic Air at drone event next Tuesday


A smaller, lighter, faster Mavic Pro?

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Image: DJI

DJI has sent out invitations for an “Adventure Unfolds” event next week on January 23rd. There’s not a lot of information included about to expect, just a teaser video with some dramatic music, drone shots, and what might be close-ups of a new drone.

But according to DroneDJ, the Chinese drone company is rumored to be announcing a new “Mavic Air” drone, a possible successor to the company’s existing ultra portable Mavic Pro model that would be smaller, faster, and lighter.

There’s also evidence to support the idea of a smaller Mavic, if you’re interested in reading too much into DJI’s teaser video. The voiceover in the video says “from seemingly insignificant size comes formidable strength and power.”

From a more practical perspective, the idea of a smaller Mavic Air that could be a cheaper, midrange option for DJI sitting somewhere between the more entry-level $399 Spark and the $899 Mavic Pro makes a lot of sense. But we’ll have to wait to see what DJI has in store on Tuesday to find out.