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Fitbit brings its Coach training app to Xbox One and PC

Fitbit brings its Coach training app to Xbox One and PC

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Image: Fitbit

Fitbit is making it easier to use its Coach training service, with a new version now available on the Windows Store for Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs.

Fitbit Coach is Fitbit’s $39.99 per year subscription service that gives users access to personalized training through an app, complete with video workouts and audio run coaching. Previously, the service had only been available for smartphones, the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, and the web, but the addition of Xbox One availability makes a lot of sense. The bigger and more stationary TV screen your console is hooked up to should be easier to use while working out.

The Xbox app has one additional feature that the other versions don’t: you can see your heart rate in real time on your TV (assuming you’re using a Fitbit device that can track heart rate, that is). Technically, the app will work even if you don’t own a Fitbit device, but you’ll still need the Fitbit Coach subscription to really get something out of it.

The app fills a niche on the Xbox for those looking for a fitness app; Microsoft shut down its own Xbox Fitness service last year. Just don’t get your hopes up for any Kinect integration this time around.