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Facebook is testing desktop uploads for Stories to make the feature stick

Facebook is testing desktop uploads for Stories to make the feature stick

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Facebook is testing the ability for users to upload images and videos via desktop, reports TechCrunch. Soon, users will be able to select an upload button for photos and videos similar to the way they would for news feeds, or add a video to their story from a webcam.

The move comes after Facebook has struggled to get users to adopt Stories as well as they have on Instagram. When Stories launched last March, Facebook users saw a number of interface changes to promote it — from ghost versions of their friends who weren’t uploading Facebook stories to Facebook adding a dedicated stories viewing tab on both mobile and desktop versions. By fall, Facebook allowed users to crosspost their Instagram stories to Facebook. Most recently, it merged Messenger’s version of Stories with the core Facebook app to consolidate its ephemeral sharing feature, while adding the ability for friends to collaborative share stories to a single event.

Will all this help Facebook users adopt Stories? We’re still not quite seeing a growth quite like Instagram’s. Personally, I’ve been seeing friends post Facebook stories a bit more than before.... but that isn’t saying a lot, since any post is more than zero.

Update January 18, 2018 3:53PM PT: This story has been updated to include more photos and confirmation from Facebook that the feature is in testing.