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Your eyebrows can be the furry caterpillars of your dreams with this AR app

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Gimmicky, but fun

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Gif: Benefit Cosmetics

If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like with thicker eyebrows (or maybe even no eyebrows), there’s a new web app from Benefit Cosmetics that lets you try on the eyebrows of your dreams via AR. Called “Brow Try-On,” the site uses the webcam on your device to track your face and put a virtual imprint of eyebrows over you. You can also upload a photo, but real time is more fun. You can choose the shape and shade to your heart’s content, and (obviously) the app also recommends products you can buy.

The app struggled with my face though (I have very thin brows, i.e. no eyebrows) and it kept trying to place the brows on my forehead. I had a bit more luck shifting around, but the brows overlaid on my face were still quite light for some reason even though I’d maxed out the shade (why can’t I even have thicker caterpillar-like eyebrows virtually?) Even if you’re not interested in the beauty products they’re hawking, it’s kind of a gimmicky but fun app to fiddle around with if you’ve wanted to see what you look like with different shaped and colored brows. It’s amazing how much your face can change.

Fashion and beauty brands are increasingly turning to technology to showcase their brands and reach more customers. We’ve seen Pat McGrath turn to Spotify to sell makeup, while Sephora and L’Oreal are two examples of companies that have turned to AR to let customers try on makeup virtually.