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How many people does it take to pick up a Pikachu?

How many people does it take to pick up a Pikachu?


Aw, jeez

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I’d love to place my hands on a soft, squishy Pikachu body for dozens of reasons, but today I’m thrilled to add a entry to my growing list: Pikachu has fallen, and it can’t get up. During a publicity appearance, this butterball spun around a little too fast and slammed its face into the ground. While wearing a business suit.

This real-life cartoon moment is brought to you by a Twitter user, who captured the whole thing on camera. Poor Pikachu.

Those stubby legs can’t be conducive to swift movements. The definitive thunk of Pikachu’s face meeting concrete is preceded and followed by a chorus of screams, just before helpers swoop in to scoop up business time ‘chu.

If you’re feeling bad for Pikachu, I hope you’ve found comfort in the fact that no less than three humans rush over to help. Once, I fell down a hill, and a running woman pointed, laughed, and jogged merrily away. Another time, I fell down a flight of stairs at the Louvre, in full sight of hundreds, and the only thing that helped me get to my feet was my own sense of shame. Another time, I fell between a departing subway and the platform and... actually someone did help me, thank you.